pasty and tea glasshouse
The key to a successful corporate event is to ensure that it runs flawlessly, with every guest having an enjoyable experience - which of course, requires a great catering service.
Aside from having good quality, delicious food - what else are the signs you should look for to let you know you’re in a restaurant worth coming back to? Let’s take a look!
Bread H’orderve
When you visit a restaurant serving western cuisine in Thailand, you are likely to be served bread as an appetiser. Have you ever wondered why they serve bread when you arrive? We have the answers for you today!
Mekhong Saneh Jaan Cocktail pairing
The pairs just to elevate the tastes. Starting from July 15 - December 31, guests can enjoy the flavourful Thai food at Saneh Jaan with the spirit of Mekhong.
Chef Olivier Castella Gastronomy World 2017
Café Parisien and Head Chef Olivier Castella invite you to explore the world of cuisines from 3 – 9 July 2017 at the World Gastronomy 2017, Central Food Hall.
Cafe Milano
If you thought that pasta was invented in Italy, think again. The origins of the much-loved dish have long been debated, but we can all agree it was the Italians who perfected pasta!
Cafe Parisien
Wine is a big part of French culture. But for outsiders or beginners, the question that often goes through their mind might be “how can I tell the differences?!”
Saneh Jaan
For all of us, there is so much to love about Thai food - but what do you think are the favourite dishes for expats living in Bangkok? Saneh Jaan gives us some answers.