CAFE PARISIEN & CAFE MILANO: Philosophy of European Meals (2)

Cafe Milano

We are back! As promised, this is week we will further explore the Philosophy of European Meals.  Last week, we had a look at the elegancy and complexity of French cuisine. Today, we will travel to its romantic neighbour country, the origin of pasta and pizza, the European country flourishing with ancient history and food, Italy.

Italian cuisine is one of the oldest and most popular cuisines worldwide, having influenced several others.  With most dishes only comprising of only 4-8 ingredients, the Italian food philosophy is characterised by simplicity and passion and a strong family culture.  Italians believe in using only the freshest ingredients available - they believe in respecting the beauty of ingredients as they are.  They keep dishes simple, emphasizing distinct flavours that don’t mask, or take away from each other.     

When it comes to cooking and eating, Italians put a lot of time and effort into their meals.  They like to shop for fresh ingredients from the local shop in their area.  Though this may be more expensive, Italians value food so much that spending money on quality ingredients is a must.  Also, you would never hear an Italian say “I don’t have time to cook homemade food!”.   Italians like to sit together and enjoy their meals with friends and family. Meals usually consist of many courses eaten over several hours.

Like the French, Italians also enjoy very much wine and cheese. Italian wine is well known with multitude of grape varieties that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Cheese is an integral part of the dish for many of their classics - parmesan or pecorino is sprinkled over pastas, risotto, and salads, and mozzarella is dolloped onto pizzas or eaten fresh with caprese salad.   

If you are looking for a place to chill with family or friends - to spend quality time bonding with each other in a cozy environment - an Italian restaurant with the warmth and smoky aroma of a woodfired oven would be the best choice for you!  Indulge in hearty, delicious meals made with only the best and freshest ingredients while you savour the simplicity and passion behind italian cooking.  

Cafe Milano at Glasshouse offers Italian classics such as pizza cooked in an aromatic wood-fired oven, fresh pastas, and Slow Cooked Veal Osso Bucco served with Fettuccine & Tomato Sauce. Cafe Milano even serves a Fettucini Carbonara that has been tossed in a parmesan cheese wheel!  You can see the menus here.

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