Festive Menu

Saneh Jaan, Cafe Parisien, Cafe Milano Festive Menu


Festive Menu

Hello December! It’s time to celebrate Christmas and the approaching new year. For those of you who are looking for an European Christmas meal experience, you can enjoy one right here in Bangkok, as we have a wide selections of festive menus ready to be served at Cafe Parisien, Cafe Milano and Saneh Jaan.

At Cafe Parisien, those who love the taste of oysters are in for a treat since we will be offering two kinds.  For those who love fresh tasting oysters, we recommend you try the juicy Belon Oysters. With an alternate to Fine de Claire, known as the king of oysters which has a soft and sweet taste, serve warm with cream sauce and French Chili Pimentos.

There are various hot dishes to welcome this cooling season, starting with Celeriac Soup from celeriac root, with chestnut and young pigeon meat, giving it a soft flavour. This dish will warm you up before the best Beef Wellington, with tenderloin part, wrapped and baked with puffed pastry dough, truffle, and Parma ham. The dish is paired perfectly with red wine sauce call Perigourdine, ready to serve for 2 people or more for the best preparation. Our chef also revealed that it is very difficult to find a restaurant in Bangkok that serves this dish, but surely Cafe Parisien does.

For our customers who prefers Italian cuisine, Cafe Milano has Beef Carpaccio, serve with rocket salad, capers and black truffle. The origin of this dish dates back to when a countess of Italy was ill and was suggested by a doctor to eat only raw meat. The menu is named after Vittore Carpaccio who was a famous venetian painter for her work of red and white dominant, similar to the raw beef with fat.

When talking about traditional American Christmas Eve, most of you will picture a big baked turkey as part of the feast. That isn’t really the case for the Europeans, since winter is also a hunting season for them. Wild boars or deer meat are more favoured for the festive nights in this part of the world. So for those who are meat lovers, we are delighted to have you try our delicious slow cooked Wild Boar Stew mix with chestnut and serve with Tagliatelle. But if you are in the mood for seafood, our fresh scallops from America  will surely put a smile on your face.

However if you can’t get enough of Thai food during holidays in Bangkok, our exclusive team of Chefs at Saneh Jaan invented a special menu just for you. This special menu combines food from regions all over Thailand such as the rich and creamy spicy shrimp paste with crispy damsel fish or the delicious spicy and sour chicken soup with young tamarind leaf. The latter dish combine flavors from both central and southern provinces of Thailand to create the spicy and sour chicken soup with young tamarind leaf seasoned to perfection. The last menu that Chef recommended is the famous green curry with catfish and baby eggplant with Saneh Jaan’s special spice and herb concoction. Amazing food, fancy decor and amazing atmosphere, what more could you ask for your special night?

So, come and enjoy our festive menus at [email protected], starting 1st December 2016 - 15th January 2017. Reserve your table here.