10 Facts About French Food With Chef Olivier 

The Art and Science of french food that will make your next authentic french meal taste even better! 

We’re sure you’ll agree that no one knows french foods better than the French. So today we would like to introduce our new chef Olivier Castella, the new head chef of Café Parisien, a professional chef skilled in cooking authentic style french food, who will tell us about the art and science of the styles and traditional food cultures of Parisiens that will make your next french meal more delicious!

Cafe Parisien, french food restaurant

Café Parisien, Authentic French Restaurant in the heart of Bangkok 

1. You are eating cultural heritage! UNESCO Committee (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has honored the “gastronomic meal of the French” as part of the “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”, along side another 47 heritages. This is the first time that food was registered as one of the cultural heritages (2010), from the annual listing that has been around since since 2003.

2. Food from love. French people are imaginative and romantic, which is witnessed in everything they do. French food is therefore meticulously and tenderly created. Every menu is invented just like a masterpiece of art serving as a set or course, allowing you to savor.

3. Mineral water and wine only. Frenchs are likely to drink only wine and water with their meal. This is because wine creates sensitivity to food smells and tastes - an aperitif phenomenon. Also, the main rule for drinking wine is to only hold a glass by the stem, not by the bowl. A warmth from your hand will change the wine’s temperature as well as the taste!

4. The origin of food is really important to french people. It matters which region the beef is from and whether the fish are from a river or a sea or a farm, and indeed which river and sea, farm and region. This is because french food from each region is very unique, and the french will always know what goes well with what. 

french food - fish meal

Our Wild Dover Sole Meuniere , Steam Ratte & Baby Spinach

5. French people love to cook fish whole, so that it soaks in the flavour and all the good stuff.  At restaurants however, only filleted fish meat is acceptable to serve. Grilled, steamed or deep fried, you will never see fish’s head and tail part on your plate.

6. Never ask for seasoning for the food French people cook for you, as it implies that their dishes are not perfect. However asking for salt and pepper is okay.

7. Parisiens use a knife and fork for almost everything, that also counts for french fries! Yes, they will use their left hand picking fries with a fork. 

Chef Olivier, professional french food

Chef Olivier Castella, Head Chef at Café Parisien

Besides from the art of eating, Chef Olivier also told us about the favorite ingredients among French foodies, which are :

8. Foie gras, a luxury food made of a duck or goose liver. Together with truffle, It is renowned  as one of the best french ingredients. Foie gras is made of the Moulard, the domestic Crossbred duck that are well fattened for good quality Strasbourg is a city famous as a major foie gras production.

9. Belon, the oyster from Belon river in France.  The flat oyster has a large, round shape favoured by the oyster lovers. It is also ranked as ‘The Star of the Oyster’ for its juicy, firm and peanutty smell.

10. Bresse chicken is from France. Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin, a food expert, said that Bresse is “The Queen of Poultry, The Poultry of Kings”. Bresse is raised in an open farm which require a restrict regulations / AOC : Law for the Protection of the Place of Origin and considered as the French’s chicken for “le tricolore” of red crests, clean white feathers and blue feet!  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appellation_d%27origine_contr%C3%B4l%C3%A…)

Now you can enjoy French food even more with these facts! If you would like to try authentic French food today, come to Café Parisien, our traditional Brasserie style french restaurant in bangkok at [email protected] building, Wittayu Road. Book online now.