Cafe Parisien & Cafe Milano: Philosophy of European Meals (1)

Cafe Parisien French Food


2 weeks ago we learnt about ‘10 facts that will make your next french meal taste even better’ by Chef Olivier Castella.  Next, we will begin to explore the arts and philosophy of european cooking from the two of the most ubiquitous european cuisines, French and Italian. Though they have some similarities at its core, both cuisines have their own distinctiveness. If you are thinking of where should you go for dinner for each occasion, we will help you figure it out!


Let’s start with French and their food philosophy. French techniques are widely used in culinary education and western cuisines. For that reason, the influence of French cooking can be seen in all corners of the world. Classic cuisine or ‘haute cuisine’ is characterized by richness, artfulness, balance and elegant presentation.


French food is about layering flavours, building them up to create complex and refined tastes.  With centuries of history in blending flavours together and mastering techniques, it’s no wonder that French cuisine is hailed as the best in the world!


In France, meals are considered to be bonding time between family members. This time of day is all about the pleasure of enjoying the company, family, and food with a glass of wine. It is common to have at least a glass of wine with each meal, some even have one at breakfast!  With wine being the French way of life, classic French wines are seen as the benchmark for quality worldwide, having perfected their methods for centuries.


In France, cheese is usually consumed after meals and is usually accompanied with fruits (and more wine!).  When cheese is used in some of their classic dishes it is often ‘au gratin’, a culinary technique where a dish is topped with a crust, grated cheese, and egg or butter.   One example is the classic ‘Gratinated French Onion Soup’ which you can find at Cafe Parisien served wtih compte cheese croutons.


If you are looking for something sophisticated, such as a date night with your significant other, or a business dinner, the elegance of a French restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere.  Savour the cuisine that has stood the test of time and indulge in classic fine wines that have set the standard for the rest of the world.  For a special occasion, choosing French cuisine is guaranteed to impress. Glasshouse at Sindhorn is home to Cafe Parisien which champions the elegance of French cuisine. The French classics such as Coq au Vain, Braised French Duck Leg Confit served with Sautéed Potato & Mushroom, Lemon Thyme Jus, and Vanilla Crème Brûlée are beautifully showcased here. Book your table online and join us now!


We hope you like our insights about French food we shared today. Next week we will take you to the world of the simplicity and passion of Italian food. Stay tuned!