The French Reviera Inspired Onion Tart: the must-try of this week’s Café Parisian’s set lunch


The end of the year is fast approaching. Many of you have probably made plans to travel or celebrate the festivities. It doesn't matter which occasion you are celebrating or even if you plan on staying here in Bangkok; if you want to experience delicious cuisines from around the world, then Glasshouse is your destination. Glasshouse @ Sindhorn restaurants will be opening during the holidays. Our friendly staff and professional chefs are ready to serve you and make your holiday time special.


This week at Café Parisian we are once again serving our highly demanded business lunch menu, but with an entirely new. For appetizers we have replaced two salads and a soup option with a fresh Mountain Salad, Zucchini Cream Soup and our highlight of the week - the Onion Tart.  This French Onion Tart, also known as Pissaladière, is a dish well known on the French Riviera; in the South of France near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The secret ingredient is to use pizza dough, topped with onions, black olives, and thyme, then baked until crisp and served hot. Since the French Riviera is situated in a warmer climate, the dough has a lighter feel, unlike tarts made in Northern France where the temperature is much cooler and people prefer heavier textures. The French people enjoy tarts on every occasion; whether they are grocery shopping, strolling in the park or holding festivities.


Still inspired by the warmer climate of Southern France, a main course dish our chefs recommend for this week is the Poached Mackerel Fillet. While this is a more traditional and basic dish, a lot of work does go into the preparation to ensure the freshness and flavor of the fish. First we boil vegetables, fruits in water with some vinegar and then add the fish in once the flavors are combined. Once the fish is perfectly cooked, a hollandaise sauce is poured on top and paired with garden vegetables. If you’re not feeling like having fish, the other two options you have are Beef Provencal and Lamb Navarin. Both our slow cooked meats are among our customers’ favorites.


To finish Café Parisien’s three-course menu, customers have the choice between our tasty Lemon Cake and Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet of the day. This amazing deal will only last 1 week starting on the 21st until 27th of November 2016 from 11.30 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. at 690 Baht. Reserve your table online today through our [email protected] website here or call us at 02-650-9993. This set lunch is definitely not one to be missed.

Parisien Set Lunch