A Homey Taste from Bread H’orderve

Bread H’orderve

Every single day fresh breads are coming straight out of the oven, releasing warmth and a comforting smell that is familiar to almost everyone, everywhere in the world. Though breads are not as important in Thailand as they are in other places such as Europe, Thai people like to eat bread as a snack or dessert. You can find may varieties such as breads cut into little squares sprinkled over shaved ice or steamed bread filled with delicious custard. When you visit a restaurant serving western cuisine in Thailand, you are likely to be served bread as an appetiser. Have you ever wondered why they serve bread when you arrive? We have the answers for you today!

1. Good hospitality

Bread has become a staple food in the meals of many western cuisines. In most homes, breads are served as a welcoming food to the guests to make them feel warm and welcome, like being a part of a family. Restaurateurs see themselves like those home-owners, wanting to welcome their customers as guests withe the friendliest atmosphere and service.

2. It started in the past

Breads have been made even before the BC period, it’s affordable, delicious, and goes with everything. In the past, tavern owners would serve bread for travellers once a day at a specific time and price. This would keep the stomachs of travellers filled as they were unable to afford expensive meat or fish dishes.

3. Customers can eat bread in between courses

During the time between after food ordering and before the food comes, many people do not know what they should do. This might cause an awkward moment between the diners, or the ‘hangry’ moment when you are angry because of being hungry! It might intensify the noise in the restaurant, or the dissatisfaction from not having any likable item on the menu - which can make an unsatisfied customer. So, breads are served for you to have something to do in between and to soften your hungriness.

4. It is an appetizer

Aside from playing the role of snack, breads are also meant to be the real appetizer. Carbohydrates will help produce insulin, which will then make a customer feel hungrier and want to order more food. But don’t worry that you will be full from the bread itself, because most of the time they are served as an h’orderve portion, small amount enough to keep your appetite for enjoying your main dishes.

5. You get drunk faster on an empty stomach

Many of you might have heard “Don’t drink with an empty stomach” because the food can help dilute the alcohol intensity. In fact, it is so much deeper than that. Our stomach has a valve at the bottom that stays open until the food comes in. If your stomach is empty, water or other liquid will pass through and be absorbed quickly - that means you can also get drunk sooner! The breads will help closing the valve, and also act as a very good sponge to absorb the wine or alcohol. It will slow your tipsiness, and make you want to order some more food.

The breads that are served as h’orderves can be consumed by simply using your hands. If the piece is too big, there is nothing wrong with splitting it into a small piece enough for a bite. You can use the little knife served for spreading butter on it, and eat it with your hands. We hope this information helps you loosen the questions. It can also be a cool story for you to tell later when you have been served the fresh baked breads at [email protected]. We hope to see you soon!