So many wines! How can I tell the differences?

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When it comes to a good french restaurants, an elegant atmosphere with good food paired with good wine springs to mind. Wine is a big part of French culture - one of the facts [email protected] presented on french food is that some even drink wine with their breakfast! So, it might not be too difficult for them to tell the differences between the wines. But for outsiders or beginners, the question that often goes through their mind might be “how can I tell the differences?!”

There are many factors contributing in making a wine unique. They are various by so many other factors such as the wine merchant, the age of wine, the casking, grape blending and the growing season. But we might have to write a book to tell you about all that - so today we will just stick with the basics: the red and and the white!

When it comes to the colors, it’s very obvious to tell between red, white and pink. But do you know that some white wines are made of black grapes? The fermentation process is that makes the difference. The red wines are fermented with skin and seeds intact, so when fermenting white wine with black grapes, the vintners will remove the skin and the seed, or leave the skin intact for only a short time, giving the wine the light pink colour.

Reading a wine label is one step closer in getting to know the differences of the wines. The New World producers (those of hotter climates like the U.S., Australia and Chile) label their wines with the the grapes. However, the Old World regions (those with long histories of wine production, such as France, Italy and Germany) expect the consumers to be familiar with the unique characteristics of the soil and climate of the regions - such as the Red Burgundy, which is called Pinot Noir.

You can find the flavor characteristic of the most popular red wines in the chart below:

Cafe Parisien - Wine differences

And the white wine differences:

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If you are a newbie, we suggest you start with the lighter body of wine and work your way up to the full one. It’s better to take your time and get to know each one very well rather than being intimidated. The world of wine is very subjective and knowing the differences will help you know what kind of flavor characteristics you like! Af Cafe Parisien and Cafe Milano, we provide a varied list of premium quality red, white and rosé wines ready to serve with your lunch or dinner. Reserve a table and join us today!