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The key to a successful corporate event is to ensure that it runs flawlessly, with every guest having an enjoyable experience - which of course, requires a great catering service.  No matter what kind of event your corporation would like to host, be it a celebration, a party, or just hanging out - planning is everything.  We can take care of all of that for you so you can focus on building a good relationship with your team, without worrying about the cost and hassle of arranging a big conference.  Some fun activities for you to enjoy together such as a workshop would be more chill, and give your team an enjoyable experience during your time together.  

[email protected] not only offers the wide range selection international cuisine from our restaurants like Saneh Jaan, Cafe Parisien, Cafe Milano and Misho, but we also provide catering service, offering a great variety of pastry and drink including tea, coffee and boxed bites!

Quality is everything for us when it comes to good food and drink. Ronnefeldt the tea blend we have been offering at Glasshouse since the very beginning. They are a premium brand of tea bags that offer the perfect blend of convenience and quality. Each tea bag contains fannings, which are the smaller pieces of tea-leaf that are separated out during the tea grading process. You can ensure that every sip that you have, is from the highest grade of tea particles that a standard teabag can provide.

At [email protected], we have two types of tea and pastry services. The first one is  “Snack Box Service”, which includes a bakery option with orange juice. The pricing ranges differently depending on the number of bakery items as following:

  • Eiffel Snack Box A : 45 baht for 1 bakery item

  • Eiffel Snack Box B : 70 baht for 2 bakery items

  • Eiffel Snack Box C : 95 baht for 3 bakery items

Another option is the “Coffee Break Service”, which includes bakery option with coffee or tea, plus fruit juice and drinking water. We have 2 different sets:

  • Coffee Break Set A : 150 baht with 2 bakery items

  • Coffee Break Set B : 180 baht with 3 bakery items

You can select which fresh baked goods you like from the wide range of selection we have; including bread, pastries, sandwiches and savoury items. For example, the delicious Danish Pistachio, brownie, fruit tart or spinach pie! The drink in the set can also be substituted by others such as lemongrass or butterfly pea juice.  Along with the variety of set menu options you can choose from to suit your budget and guests, you can also choose which venue you’d like to host your event at.

Recently, we welcomed a corporate team to [email protected] to enjoy our 5 sets of pastry and tea, pairing homemade bakeries from Cafe Eiffel and premium quality teas from Ronnefeldt.  [email protected]’s representative, Olivier Castella, mastered a talk about the history and theory of each pastry type while diners enjoyed a selection of fresh pastries with homemade butter from Cafe Eiffel.  With pastry you must also have some tea, of course.  Mr. Michael from Ronnefeldt gave the group an introduction on tea leaves, discussing the differences between tea leaves, how and when the pick the leaves, and also how to properly produce and drink tea.  

For more information about [email protected]’s catering and venue hiring services, please call T: 02-651-4850. If you are planning a corporate event, or want to gather small or big group of people for a presentation or a meetup, call us to discuss your wishes and requirements, we are more than happy to assist you!