Vegetarian Festival Saneh Jaan
To welcome the vegetarian festival Saneh Jaan has created special menus to celebrate the occasion from 20 to 28 October 2017!
Mekhong Saneh Jaan Cocktail pairing
The pairs just to elevate the tastes. Starting from July 15 - December 31, guests can enjoy the flavourful Thai food at Saneh Jaan with the spirit of Mekhong.
Saneh Jaan
For all of us, there is so much to love about Thai food - but what do you think are the favourite dishes for expats living in Bangkok? Saneh Jaan gives us some answers.
Auspicious Thai Desserts
The interesting meaning behind Thai desserts names you should know!
Kra Cheek
Kra Cheek - is the name of one in these four toppings on creamed glutinous rice - a type of traditional Thai dessert served at Saneh Jaan.
Gaang Tai Pla
Local Specialty: Southern Pickled Fish Kidney Curry   
Thai Set Menu at Saneh Jaan
    Thai people have always placed high importance into culinary and food in their daily lives.