Local Specialty

Local Specialty: Southern Pickled Fish Kidney Curry 


Not many Thai food enthusiasts are familiar with the menu “Gang Pung Pla”. However, the mention of “Gang Tai Pla”, will ring a bell with Thai food lovers given its infamy from the south of Thailand. These two names refer to the same dish, but vary across different regions of Thailand. This curry dish is particularly spicier when it is prepared in the South of Thailand as the locals prefer a stronger kick to their taste buds. Whether the spice is toned down in other regions or prepared to leave a strong unforgettable taste behind, this is a dish that is often favored by Thai people.  


The key to Gang Tai Pla is, of course, Tai Pla (fish kidney). We marinate the fish kidney with salt and leave it for a long while then boil it together with its signature spicy paste. For a less spicy alternative, add vegetables such as young bamboo shoots and Thai eggplants for a flavorful but less spicy dish. When those ingredients are combined with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, Gang Tai Pla gives out a wonderful Thai herbal scent. The grilled fish goes wonderfully in the curry soup and is served with a side of fresh vegetables arranged to give a Southern Thai feel.  


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