Saneh Jaan - ‘Expat’s Favourite Thai Dishes’

Saneh Jaan


Thai food is a favourite for people from all over the world. There’s no doubt that when foreigners come to Thailand, they enjoy stuffing themselves with the array of scrumptious dishes that our homeland has to offer. But which dishes do you think are most loved by farangs? Is it Tom Yam Gung? Pad Thai? Or maybe Tom Kha Gai?

We took a peek inside Saneh Jaan, and we got the answers for you! One of Saneh Jaan’s offerings often enjoyed is called ‘Cho Malee Sai Pla’ - a uniquely flavoured authentic Thai style dumpling stuffed with fried fish seasoned with garlic and pepper. The rice flour dough wrappings are coloured so the dumplings can be beautifully arranged into a perfect dish. The taste of Saneh Jaan’s secret recipe is truly indescribable - the soft dough combined with the tenderness of well cooked fish, perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of garlic and pepper.

Another trendy dish is our Thai omelette. You didn’t misread it! At saneh Jaan you can order ‘Kai Jiew’ with crab meat, shrimp, minced pork or some crispy crackling. The crunchy outer layer is perfectly balanced with the soft, delicate egg centre - and when you add in the fillings, the puffy golden-brown goodness becomes insatiable! When he is not too busy feeding people himself, expat Chef Olivier from Glasshouse’s Cafe Parisien will pop over to Saneh Jaan from time to time just to enjoy our ‘Kai Jiew Kak Moo’ (Thai Omelette with Crispy Crackling). 

At Saneh Jaan, we serve up various menus of Thai desserts that are so difficult to find these days. The most popular one is ‘Thong Ruam’, the dish that has all traditional auspicious dessert we offer like Thong Ek, Foi Thong and Thong Yib. The variety makes this dish a favorite among expats as you can try them all at once! If you are a Thai who would like to try the very authentic taste of every kind, this menu is definitely for you too.

Have you tried dining at Saneh Jaan yet? We are located at [email protected] in Ploenchit. We serve authentic thai food from every region of Thailand. Access our full menu here to help you decide what to eat when you get a chance to visit us. You can reserve a table online at any time! Hopefully we see you soon!