Saneh Jaan x Mekhong

Mekhong Saneh Jaan Cocktail pairing

The pairs just to elevate the tastes. Starting from July 15 - December 31, guests can enjoy the flavourful Thai food at Saneh Jaan with the spirit of Mekhong. Selected Thai-influenced drinks are created especially to enhance your experiences with Thai cuisine.

The Mekhong Story

Mekhong is Thailand’s first branded spirit. It is named after the mighty Mekhong River, which flows along its border. Launced in 1941, it quickly became the most popular brand in Thailand. Nowadays Mekhong is a source of pride for the Thai people.

Mekhong Pairing Cocktails

There is no other kind of beverage in the world that can be paired with the unique flavor of Thai food than Thai spirit. When it is perfectly paired with premium Thai cocktails created with similiar ingredients, it reveals new tasting experiences.