7 signs you are in a good restaurant!


1. Good bread and butter!

99 problems but the bread ain’t one! Last week we talked about the importance of bread and butter, the famous h’orderve of western cuisine. It is one the most important ingredients, and is consumed generally as a staple. Therefore, having good quality bread says everything about the rest of the food at that restaurant.  When a restaurant pays attention to the even the most basic part of dining, it really shows that they care about the quality of their food.  

2. You can have a conversation there

Restaurant ambiance is another major factor when it comes to the decision of which one you will dine at for various occasions.  Usually when you go out to eat in groups, you would want somewhere nice and quiet enough for you to have a conversation with your friends, colleagues, or family.  A good restaurant will keep this in mind - placing their tables just right so that there’s enough space for customers to hear each other well, without dealing with too many disturbing noises from their neighbors!

3. Staff is everything

Front of house staff are the face of the restaurant’s service. They are the people who have direct contact with the customers - from the hostess who can make good first impression, to the waiter / waitress who is well trained, knowledgeable about the menus, and can respond to their customer’s detailed preferences and requests. As a customer, we normally expect the staff to be friendly, smiling, and highly attentive to their customers.  We can understand that everyone can have a bad day, but quality staff will understand that their guest’s dining experience is equally dependent on both service and delicious food.  

4. The food is in season

Good restaurants will have seasonal ingredients included in their menu, ensuring the freshest produce.  The menu will evolve and change over the year to include dishes with ingredients at their peak.  As a customer treating yourself to something ‘special’, something available only once in awhile can be very exciting - like when truffles come in during winter.  Venison during hunting season sounds like something to celebrate too!  On the other hand, if the restaurant includes out of season ingredients, like strawberries during Thai summer, you can tell that something isn’t right.  

5. Cleanliness comes first

You may not expect much when it comes to the cleanliness of restaurants in Asia, but the good ones at least, will pay good attention to their hygiene, particularly in the bathroom.  It shows they care about their cleanliness in every aspect - from the moment a customer steps into the restaurant, while they are eating, going to the bathroom, and leaving.  

6. Fast Service

When you get into a restaurant with a will, or a hunger to have a nice delicious meal, the last thing you are looking to do is to wait.   The bread h’orderve is long gone, the topic of conversation has started to change to ‘why is our food not here yet?’. The good restaurants will manage their time wisely, spreading out the servers to different sections of the restaurant, especially during peak hours.  

7. Details, details, details

Table settings, napkin folds, flower arrangements, and an attentive waiter who keeps your glasses filled up are all small details that a customer might not notice much, but they are all important to make the flawless service experience happen. So if you feel like everything is flawless, and you are enjoying it, congrats! one more go-to restaurant to add to your list!