Traditional French Classics : Beef Bourguignon, Celeriac Puree

Beef Bourguignon, Celeriac Puree

    The French might not be able to name all of their traditional dishes, but they will always remember the best ones from their hometown. In the region of Burgundy in France, the Burgundians will tell you that their most famous dish is the stew beef Bourguignon. The stew beef Bourguignon was originally a traditional household dish, but was later made to be one of the iconic dishes in the French cuisine by Auguste Escoffier, who earned a praise of “Emperor of the Culinary Art” by cooking for King William II.

    However, The traditional recipe will keep you tied up in the kitchen. Since beef Bourguignon is all about building its meticulously delicate flavour through putting the ingredients in layer by layer, starting from rendering bacon fat to making the carrot puree and the garnish. The secret to a juicy and tender beef Bourguignon is to marinate the beef overnight and while cooking, let the beef simmer slowly with red wine to achieve its delectable texture and flavor.

   What if you’re too busy to do all the meal prep? Why not book a table and let the professionals do all the work for you?  At Cafe Parisien, Beef Bourguignon is becoming one of our guests’ favorites. The dish is served with Pilaf rice, rice cooked in stock and herbs, a delightful pairing that is sure to please a Thai’s palate. This dish pairs perfectly with our red wine Pinot Noir.