Once a Year Special Set Menus at Cafe Parisien and Cafe Milano

Glasshouse @ Sindhorn invites you all to celebrate this December’s festivities at Café Milano and Café Parisien with our superb Christmas set lunches. These set lunches include classic dishes that remind you of the end of year festivities; if you’re on vacation in Bangkok or just want an Italian or French meal.

              Let’s dive into what Café Milano has to offer and this is one set menu to get excited over. While truffle season is coming to an end in Italy, our team of chefs did not disappoint when sourcing out the best batch of truffles for our restaurant. Starting with Truffle potatoes Gnocchi, a starter that most will love with shaved black truffle and topped with Parmesan espuma for a Café Milano twist. Espuma is a new technique that has soft foam-like texture but is full of flavor. Our chefs adapt new techniques to suit each and every dish for our guests to sample a new culinary experience. Next we present a Minestrone soup; an Italian vegetable soup with Langoustines or lobster all the way from Norway. This perfect combination of sweet and sour but not-overwhelming broth and pieces of sweet fresh scampi are hard to resist.

For Italian food enthusiasts I hope you have with you a big appetite for this set menu because those were just our appetizers. For our main courses, we have two exceptional dishes for your selection. Starting with our fresh Cod fish steamed with organic vegetables and aioli. Aioli, the garlic loves dream: olive oil and garlic perfectly mixed together to form a magical mayonnaise. The other option is our roasted duck breast with lentils, broccolini and a citrus sauce that goes wonderfully with the duck. Last but not least we have freshly baked warm Panettone bread, which is Milan’s famous bread that comes with homemade red chutney dipping sauce. All these dishes served with a glass of Prosecco at a price of 1,950 baht only!

However, if you prefer French cuisine then come to Café Parisien because you will not be able to resist our Christmas set menu right from the start. Our starters include Foie Gras, a top delicacy that is often sold out in most restaurants during this time of the year – but not at Glasshouse. This pan seared Foie Gras or goose liver is served with raspberry sauces and crispy potato chips. Our next option is a more interesting dish. Our herb cream with pan seared fresh scallops and Parmesan foam is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite with a unique taste and texture.  

Onto our main courses, the chef has selected two of his favorite dishes for this time of the year. Roasted Chapon de bresse is a special type of chicken that is specially raised to achieve that juicy and soft consistency once cooked. Some referred to this specific type of chicken as the Queen or King of poultry. The best part of this dish is that it is paired with Truffle sauce for an irresistible smell and flavor. But our Atlantic lobster Thermidor dish is just as spectacular because it’s prepared with our special sauce that includes egg yolk, brandy and mustard, topped with cheese before it is baked in the oven – definitely a must try!

For the perfect and sweet ending to our lunch menu, Café Parisien has an iconic French Christmas dessert call Buchette de Noel that is baked and decorated in the shape of a log. This symbolizes good luck in the French tradition and it is, of course, delicious. This set menu can be enjoyed at a price of only 2860 baht per person and is inclusive of a glass of Kir Royale.

What’s more important than enjoying a delicious meal with your family or loved ones in a cozy and lovely ambiance? This truly spectacular once a year menu can be enjoyed at both Café Milano and Café Parisian restaurants only on December 24th for dinner and December 25th for both lunch and dinner hours. Reserve your seat to guarantee you don’t miss out on this special promotion at our [email protected].

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