Cafe Milano Set Lunch

Cafe Milano Set Lunch - 590 Baht

Café Milano is having a highly anticipated set lunch menus at a price that will make people drool over. This set lunch menu in particular consists of option for two inviting appetizers, three mouthwatering main courses and finish off with refreshing dessert. This special promotion is available everyday including weekends starting at 11.30 a.m. and you can take advantage of this lunch set until 2 p.m. To see what’s included in this particular set, stay tuned.

The point of appetizers is to work up your appetite; and this Café Milano set lunch did just that. Customers have the freedom to choose between a salad or a soup. For the salad option, veggies lover will guarantee to love this mixed salad with marinated seared tuna with white bean and topped with balsamic dressing. If you are in the mood for a heavier starter, then opt for our delicious Parmesan Cheese Soup with crispy bacon and crunchy croutons. Whether you choose a healthier or a cheesier option, you will not be disappointed.

The highlight of Café Milano’s set lunch is the three wide-ranging options customer can choose from that will satisfy meat lovers, seafood lovers or pasta lovers. Meat lovers will be delighted with our pork chop option that is paired with potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and pepper sauce. Fish lovers will be hooked with our fresh red snapper fillet dish that combines capers, sundried tomatoes and finish off with white wine sauce beautifully. Last but not least, true pasta lovers will be head over heels with our pumpkin gnocchi in cream sauce and prosciutto Parma ham.

To cleanse your palette, the dessert option will be our refreshing fruit salad in honey and orange juice. Since our set lunch changes constantly, don’t hesitate if you love these options, especially for this unbeatable price, before it’s gone. Visit our Glasshouse @ Sindhorn and book your table today.


Cafe Milano set lunch features choices of delicious homemade Italian fare

Choose your own for just Baht 590++ (3 courses)

The set lunch is served every day, weekend included