Milano Set Lunch

Greetings! Last week we had an exciting pleasure to introduce to you our Festive Menu in honor of Christmas and New Year's celebrations. For those of you who have already tried our Festive Menu from either Café Parisian or Café Milano, we appreciate your business and hope you had a wonderful experience. For those of you who haven’t got the chance, we are delighted to inform you that you still have time from now until January 15th , 2017 to take advantage of this special deal available only once a year.  

Besides our special Festive Menu, Glasshouse @ Sindhorn will continue to serve our highly requested set lunch menu, and this time for Café Milano. This week we would like to recommend an appetizer call Zuppa Di Verdure Al Scampi. This healthy dish consists of organic potatoes, green peas, asparagus, shrimp and topped with Parmesan cheese. This soup is the perfect option for those who prefer non-heavy and creamy soups so you will have more room for our entrée.

The star of this set lunch, and personally recommended by the Chef, is the Roasted Duck Fillet. The duck is not only roasted until perfectly tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, but it is also wrapped in Parma ham. This entrée finishes off with sprinkle of pistachios and red fruit gravy on top. However if you have not been choosing our pasta option from previous set menus, then you should not miss our famous Fusilli Marinara. What makes this pasta special is the fresh seafood with white wine and tomato sauce and the smell of basil all perfectly come together. This is a must try for all pasta lovers out there.

For dessert options we bring you the traditional Italian favorite, the Panna Cotta with sweet berries for the perfect ending of this set lunch. Our selections on these set menus are constantly changing so don’t hesitate to come in anytime between 11.30 am to 2.00 pm and enjoy this amazing deal by Glasshouse @ Sindhorn. For your convenience, book a table online today here.