Authentic Thai Dishes in the Heart of Bangkok at Saneh Jaan

Although the taste of Thai food varies locally in different provinces, but the consensus is that deliciousness remain the same across all regions. In the past, Saneh Jaan has presented exceptional and must try dishes from all provinces ranging from south to the north and the east of Thailand for our beloved customers to taste. This week we are back with another special dish originated from the central region of Thailand. If you are looking to try a truly authentic Thai cuisine with specially selected premium ingredients then come to Saneh Jaan for our set lunch. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Start with one of our great appetizers - a traditional sweet and sour stir fried vermicelli dish. Vermicelli noodle fried until crispy; flavored with citrus sauce and served with tasty sweet prawns. With our 3 special main dishes which according to our chef, are all traditionally cooked. Starting with a chicken, mushroom and coconut milk soup. A clear soup rather than the more modern hotter and spicier creamy style, preserving the taste of the quality undiluted coconut milk, giving a moderate sweet and sour soup for you to enjoy. Moving on to the steamed curried fish wrapped in banana leaves. This Thai popular ‘Hor Mok’ is made with a snake-head fish, mixed with our spicy homemade paste in a clay pot, keeping it cold enough to turn the mixture’s texture into soft mousse. Last but not least with our stir-fried pork rind with chili, salty egg and kaffir lime. Selected from the pork shoulder, Saneh Jaan’s pork rind has a nicer scent than the usual. Stir-fried with kaffir lime our secret recipe is made special by ensuring that every ingredient is picked up from the locals, offering the best taste. All of our set lunches are served with hot steamed jasmine rice so you can enjoy an authentic Thai style lunch.

Finish your lunch with a local dessert popular among Thais and foreigners; coconut ice cream made from aromatic coconut water, ready to fresh you up with a soft and creamy, almost sorbet like texture.

Come and enjoy this special Saneh Jaan’s set lunch from 11.30 - 14.00 at only 690 baht per person.

Don’t miss out by reserving your table online here. See you soon!