Authentic Thai Dishes in the Heart of Bangkok at Saneh Jaan

Although the taste of Thai food varies locally in different provinces, but the consensus is that deliciousness remain the same across all regions. In the past, Saneh Jaan has presented exceptional and must try dishes from all provinces ranging from south to the north and the east of Thailand for our beloved customers to taste. This week we are back with another special dish originated from the central region of Thailand.

Business Lunch at Cafe Milano

Café Milano is starting a series of incredible business lunch menus that change weekly at a price Italian food fans cannot resist. This in particular features a three-course meal, which is perfect whether you are in the mood for a lighter meal or you want to indulge in our rich and filling dishes. If you want a change of ambiance, enjoy a nice meal with co-workers and friends or dine while having business meetings, Cafe Milano is perfect for you.

Delicious Duck Breast Organic Salad

Beginning the workday with something light and healthy. Cafe Eiffel has just released a new lunch promo - delicious duck breast organic salad complete with segmented orange and red wine vinaigrette. This salad + soup of the day + soft drink at Bt199 net.

Cafe Milano Set Lunch - 590 Baht

Café Milano is having a highly anticipated set lunch menus at a price that will make people drool over. This set lunch menu in particular consists of option for two inviting appetizers, three mouthwatering main courses and finish off with refreshing dessert. This special promotion is available everyday including weekends starting at 11.30 a.m. and you can take advantage of this lunch set until 2 p.m. To see what’s included in this particular set, stay tuned.